Novidon producer of native starch and modified potato starch

Novidon manufactures native potato starch and modified potato starch derivatives for many different applications. Novidon produces adhesives for wallpaper paste and paper bag glue for seaming, cross pasting and bottoming for the manufacturing of multi-ply paper bags. For the drilling and mining industry Novidon produces drilling starch used as a fluid loss reducer.

Novidon produces native potato starch products both under own brand and private label. Besides our standard solutions, Novidon is willing to provide tailor made products and services.

NEWS - Launch new company logo

Novidon has become a well-established company in the starch industry since the start of the company in 2004. The time has now come to change the marketing communication strategy and therefore we are proud to launch a new company logo. Read more

Novidon part of Duynie Group and Royal Cosun

Novidon is a company of Duynie Group, Europe’s largest procurement company of co-products released in the production and processing of food, beverages and bio-fuel products. Novidon is also part of the agro-industrial group Royal Cosun. Royal Cosun is a cooperation with 9,500 members/shareholders, more than 3,700 full time employees and an annual turnover of approximately € 2 billion.


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