Duynie Group

Novidon is a company of Duynie Group, Europe’s largest procurement company of co-products released in the production and processing of food, beverages and bio-fuel products. We create added value for liquid, moist and dry streams.

Smart Solutions

Duynie Group maximises the value of your co-products through its divisons, Feed, Ingredients, Renewables, and Modified Starch. However we are always looking further afield, at sectors in which our subsidiaries are not yet active. That is why we set up Duynie Innovations, so we can pursue broader opportunities and thereby guarantee our suppliers that we can optimise the economic value of their residual streams, today and in the future.


Duynie Group has 15 locations throughout Europe. The head office is based in Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands). For our feed activities we use the principle: act local think global. Therefore our feed organisation has offices in all countries where we are active. Novidon has several plants in Europe for the modification of potato starch. Novidon sales, AgrioBioSource and the Duynie Ingredients activities are centralised in our sales office in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).


Duynie Group does everything to create maximum value from the raw materials we process and to prevent waste. This is good for the environment and makes economic sense in times of food scarcity, and it meets society’s demand for sustainable products and production methods.

Sustainability is all about long-term continuity, for the benefit of the environment, people and our own business. Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of Duynie Group and Novidon follows this CSR strategy.