How we operate

Novidon processes only raw materials of exceptional quality. Our production takes pride in strictly inspecting incoming material. Novidon is also equipped with a professional laboratory, where the products are inspected and tested on an ongoing basis. This allows us to produce high-value products of quality and guarantee products of constant quality.

Delivery success rate
Novidon utilizes raw materials all year round. The production of starch and starch derivatives continues throughout the year. This holds the key to Novidon's delivery success rate. 

Customised production
Novidon supplies innovative starch derivatives to specification. We have appointed a variety of application specialists for the development of the derivatives. Frequently, they work in close contact with our customers’ specialists to achieve the desired result. Our company also operates in cooperation with external specialists in the field of starch derivative manufacturing. These specialists are all established names in the field of starch and starch derivatives.

Novidon has its own laboratories at its disposal to conduct research and testing. In these laboratories both the raw materials as well as the final starch products are extensively tested and monitored. Novidon also participates with a variety of institutes, such TNO, A&F and various national and international universities