Starch solutions

Novidon is innovative and entrepreneurial with potato starch. We extract the value of sidestream potato starch and produce new products, services and applications. This gives us a unique position in the world for our suppliers and customers. We differentiate ourselves with producers of potato starch which is processed in a traditional way from the whole potato; extracted and refined directly from the seeds, roots and tubers. We meet or exceed expectations and solve the daily challenges of our customers.


Novidon continuously improves its products for high-end applications. Novidon R&D department always works towards a higher level of product development to reach new markets. Innovation is our drive and keeps us ahead of the market.


Our R&D department develops new starch products and improves existing types in cooperation with our customers. Within the Duynie Group we are active in further optimization of the complete potato value chain. Maximizing heat & potato protein recovery during the processing of potatoes are important developments. This is only possible with our committed R&D teams in Novidon, Duynie Group and the support of the Innovation Centre of Royal Cosun.  

Thinking in value
Acting in solutions