Sustainable Sourcing

We believe that processing co-products of the potato industry is beneficial for our planet. Our potato starch is 100% based of co-products of the potato processing industry.
Side stream starch is made into new innovative products. This is sustainable because the carbon footprint of side stream starch is lower than traditional starch.

Efficient Supply Chain and Operations

During the production of native and modified starch we limit our emissions and the usage of water and energy to minimize the impact on the environment.
Efficient supply chain of our products is key to be sustainable in the global market.

Care for People and Good Partnership

We believe that finding the best starch solutions for our customers is people’s work!
At Novidon people are working together and combining their knowledge and enthusiasm to meet customer demand.
That is why we invest in our employees and the relationship with our customers and suppliers.   

Please contact our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team in case of any questions or remarks;
Corine Kroft - CSR Manager Novidon
+31 (0)172 460 625

Sustainable starch by total use of potato

Minimizing impact of production on environment

Doing it together for sustainable starch solutions