Adhesives from Novidon are based on potato starch, a sustainable side-stream product from the production of chips and crisps. Our high quality adhesives contain 3 product ranges.


Paperbag Adhesives

High performance adhesives for the manufacturing of multi-ply paper bags. Due to the stability of viscosity in function of time, Novidon paper bag adhesives give more flexibility to the production process. Novinexx CPB_5 is almost splash free which results in very clean running and very efficient consumption. More information can be found on the paperbag adhesives page.

Wallpaper Adhesives

Excellent quality products which cover both the light and heavy weighted wall paper adhesives grades. Novidon sells Premium Wallpaper Flake and Premium Wall Paper Flake – Reduced Flake Size (RFS). Novidon produces also Wall Paper Adhesives on specific clients specifications. More information can be found on the wallpaper adhesives page.

Labeling Adhesives

Labelling adhesives are used for glass bottle labelling particular suitable for fast working bottle return systems. Novifixx glue is the first high performing starch based labelling glue available in the market. This starch based labelling adhesive can be applied on both; wet or dry bottles, cold or warm bottles. Novifixx has excellent wetting properties on paper labels. More information can be found on the labeling adhesives page.