Labelling adhesive from Novidon for high initial tack, low odour, low and high speed application, easy label removal, high efficiency and clean running. Novidon has developed a labelling adhesive for glass bottle labelling. The Novifixx glue from Novidon is based on raw material, reclaimed as a side-stream from the production of French fries and crisps. This labelling glue is particular suitable for fast working bottle return systems.


NOVIFIXX potato starch based labelling glue of Novidon is the first high performing starch based labelling glue available in the market. This starch based labelling adhesive can be applied on both; wet or dry bottles and cold or warm bottles. Novifixx has excellent wetting properties on paper labels. Novifixx has a neutral odor and is free from chemicals which can cause irritation or allergic reactions.

  • Novifixx gives a substantial consumption reduction, up to 50%.
  • Labels glued with Novifixx do not slip on the bottles, due to short "open time".
  • Without splashing, even when applied at high speed.
  • Novifixx does not contain zinc nor borax and is 100% biodegradable.
  • Residues are easy to clean with water.

Novifixx is made from plants and not from animal sources like casein based glues. This labelling glue from Novidon is not from oil derived chemicals like synthetic glues. Side stream starch which is used as raw material for the Novifixx labelling adhesive is the optimal sustainable alternative compared with other glue systems based on fossil raw materials.