Paper bag

For the manufacturing of the multi-ply paper bags, Novidon has newly developed high performance adhesives based upon modified potato starch. A distinct difference with existing products on the market is the stability of the viscosity in function of time. The Novidon product gives more flexibility to the production process.

    Novinexx CPB

    Novinexx CPB is a potato starch based cold water soluble adhesive. The product is used for seaming, cross pasting and bottoming for the manufacturing of multi-ply paper bags. Novinexx CPB is suitable for tubers and modern high speed bottomer machinery.

    The potato starch-polymer powder is obtained through a completely new innovative production process of Novidon. The product is almost splash free which results in very clean running and efficient consumption. Novinexx CPB has excellent properties on bonding efficiency and run ability.

    Excellent paper bag adhesives properties are:

    • Flow characteristics
    • High wet tack
    • Non-splashing
    • Easy mixing
    • Quick drying
    • Easy cleaning
    • Penetration behavior

    Novinexx LPS

    Novinexx LPS is a PE Foil adhesive for paper bags. This hybrid starch polymer dispersion is based on renewable starch resources and is based onto a starch colloid emulsifier including vinyl acetate. Novinexx LPS dispersions are free from solvents and plasticizers, and contains an extremely low content of VOC volatile organic compounds. The Novinexx LPS dispersions are suitable for both, wheel or jet systems.

    Novinexx LPS Premium
    A hybrid starch polymer, for bonding paper to difficult surfaces or substrates like HDPE foil (High Density Foil) or other high surface-energy synthetic substrates.

    Novinexx LPS storage and transportation takes place in a 1000L container tank.