Drilling starch

Drilling Starches from Novidon are based on potato starch, the most preferred raw material for drilling starches. Our products are mainly used as a fluid loss reducer in water based drilling muds for drilling and mining operations. Novidon produces drilling starch for mud companies and local markets. The products could be supplied under own brand or private label. All our drillings starches meet and even exceed the standards, laid down in the API 13A : ISO 13500.

High temperature and fermentation stable Drilling Starches

Drillamyl – HT and Stabodrill – HT are chemically modified starches for maximum resistance against heat. Fermadrill – LV (low Viscous) is a highly substituted drilling starch and therefore highly fermentation stable. It synergizes with xanthan gum and enables lower quantities to be used. More information can be found in the Product Portfolio.

Comparison Sheet Drilling Starch