12 October 2018

Supplier Symposium

Novidon took part at the Duynie Group’s supplier symposium October 10-11th in the Netherlands. This symposium for key suppliers was organized by Duynie Group to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company. The theme of the symposium was “sustainable innovations”.

Novidon is part of Duynie Group and together there is always a close cooperation with suppliers to maximize the recovery of sidestream starch during the potato processing. More than 80 European suppliers visited the symposium where Novidon showed which innovative products are made out of sidestream potato starch.

A lot of interest has been shown for the Novinexx range, high performance adhesives for multi-ply paper bags and sacks. Novinexx is especially developed for the latest digital cross and seam pasting technologies for modern high speed tubers and bottomers.

Sustainability is an important part of our business. It was good to show how Novidon contributes to a better planet by sourcing co-products and minimizing the impact on the environment during production.


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