Novidon produces a range of sustainable wallpaper glue based on potato starch with excellent slide and adhesive strength, easy- and lump free water soluble. The Novicoll range is a flake which is developed to meet the requirements from around the world.

Novicoll WP Premium

Preserved carboxymethylated potato starch which is a cold water dispersible flake. Novicoll can...

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Novicoll WP RFS Premium

Preserved, reduced flake size, carboxymethylated potato starch which rapidly form a ready to use wallpaper...

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Novicoll Premium

Carboxymethylated potato starch. A cold water dispersible flake which is not preserved. Novicoll can...

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Paper bag

Novidon produces a groundbreaking sustainable glue for multi-ply paper bags and sacks. The Novinexx range contains high performance adhesives based upon unique modified potato starch. Noxinexx focuses on costs reducing for every paper bag manufacturer.

Novinexx CPB Premium

Developed for latest technology digital cross and seam pasting, for modern high speed tubers and...

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Novinexx CPB Regular

Developed for cross and seam pasting for semi-automated up to high speed tubers and bottomers....

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Novinexx LPS Excellent

Excellent ready-to-use starchpolymer glue, developed special for cross pasting paper to PE-inliners,...

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Novinexx LPS Premium

High performance ready-to-use glue, developed special for cross pasting paper to PE-inliners, for...

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