Novicoll WP Premium

Preserved carboxymethylated potato starch which is a cold water dispersible flake. Novicoll can be used for many types of wallpaper including non-woven, vinyl and heavy embossed wallpaper.

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Product benefits

  • Easy dissolving
  • Excellent slide properties
  • Excellent adhesive strength
  • Translucent paste
  • Short textured paste
  • Preserved

Novidon is one of the largest starch-based wallpaper adhesive producers and used by consumers around the globe. Novicoll products can be found in Do-it-yourself in consumer packaging, but mainly used by the industry to use it as a raw material for ready-to-use wallpaper glue or other adhesives. Novidon makes use of a worldwide distribution network with local service and we can offer you private label on request.

Novicoll WP RFS Premium

Preserved, reduced flake size, carboxymethylated potato starch which rapidly form a ready to use wallpaper...

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Novicoll Premium

Carboxymethylated potato starch. A cold water dispersible flake which is not preserved. Novicoll can...

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