Novinexx LPS Premium

High performance ready-to-use glue, developed special for cross pasting paper to PE-inliners, for digital and conventional systems up to the highest industry capacities and requirements.

Hybrid starchpolymer dispersion is based onto a starch colloid emulsifier system including vinyl acetate. LPS is free from solvents and plasticizers and contains an extremely low content of VOC (volatile organic compounds).

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Product benefits

  • Very powerful so economic consumption
  • Quick drying/setting
  • Very fast initial tack
  • Free from plasticizers and acrylate
  • Extremely low content volatile organic compounds
  • Food (FDA) regulated
  • Clear cut off between nozzle and substrate

With the new Novinexx range paper bag adhesives, manufacturers can significant improve the production uptime (speed) of automatic paper bags production lines. This is due to the unique characteristics which reduce splashing and drying time. Novinexx is significant reducing costs on usage, warehousing, customer claims and cleaning time.

Novinexx CPB Premium

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