Industrial Specials


Novidon produces pregelatinized potato starch for food, petfood and industrial applications. This modified starch has high paste viscosity, excellent water holding and high power binding capacity.  

Novigell Premium

Cold water soluble pregelatinized potato starch for petfood, foundry chemicals, wood pellets, coal...

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Novidon produces several modified potato starches for the textile industry. Starch is commonly used in sizing, finishing and printing of textile.

Novitexx FS Premium

Textile finishing starch, suitable for as-is application for consumer packaging or as high efficient...

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Novidon produces potato based yellow dextrin for industrial applications.   


Suitable for tube winding, lamination, foundry, binder of water paints, grinding wheels, liquid...

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Together with our customers, Novidon is able to develop custom made starch solutions. With our own R&D team we have deloped several applications dedicated for your business. Please contact us for more information.