Native starch

Industrial Native Premium

Suitable for white paper, cationic starch, biobased plastics, high quality starch modifications, and more.
Industrial Native Premium is a refined and dried potato starch.

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Product benefits

  • High viscosity
  • High whiteness
  • Large volumes available
  • Reliable deliveries
  • Industrial grade for industrial usage
  • Bulk, big bag or paper bag packaging

Potato Starch is used to improve paper strength properties including surface strength and bulk strength. It is commonly used for size-press application as a glue after thermochemical or enzymatic conversion.

Industrial Native Excellent

Suitable for grapic paper, biobased plastics, ceiling plates, high quality starch modifcations...

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Industrial Native Regular

Suitable for packaging paper, starch modifcations, pellets and granulation and more. Industrial...

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Industrial Native Basic

Suitable for wood pelletizing, coal briquette, biogas production and more. Industrial Native Basic...

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