Potato Processing Industry

Duynie Group, founder of Novidon, takes over responsibility for all co-products released during the processing of potatoes, such as peelings, downgraded potatoes and sidestream starch.  Sidestream starch is released during production of potatoes into French fries and chips. Novidon is the largest purchaser of sidestream starch in Europe and has a unique business which relies on service, innovation and sustainability.

Sidestream Starch Recovery

With starch recovery machines, installed by Novidon, the starch is extracted from the process water. Starch is collected on site in big bags or containers and transported by Novidon to one of the factories in the Netherlands, Belgium and United Kingdom. The sidestream starch is refined into technical grade starch for applications in different industries.


1. Economical profit for the factory

•    COD load in waste water optimizes with 40%
•    Significant smaller waste water treatment capacity needed
•    Significant cost reduction
•    Significant reduction of waste water output

2.  Contributes to sustainability

•    Up to 50% water saving due to water re-use
•    Lower CO2 emissions because energy saving
•    Contribute to circular resource use, maximum potato use

3.  Efficient production process with many time savings

•    No starch settlement in gutters
•    Cutting blades will stay longer sharp
•    Factory will be much cleaner

4.  Product quality will improve

•    No appearance of black spots
•    The quality of frying oil lasts longer

Please contact our procurement team in case of any questions or interest in cooperating;
Jos Knulst - Procurement Manager Novidon
+31 6 11264630


What does Novidon offer
to reach optimal starch recovery:

Inventory on-site

Tailor-made advice

Peace of mind disposal

Service contracts

Turn-key projects

Financial arrangements


Lots of experience and know how





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