Potato Processing Industry

Duynie Group, founder of Novidon, takes over responsibility for all co-products released during the processing of potatoes, such as peelings, downgraded potatoes and sidestream starch.  Sidestream starch is released during production of potatoes into French fries and chips. Novidon is the largest purchaser of sidestream starch in Europe and has a unique business which relies on service, innovation and sustainability.

Maximizing starch value

Novidon maximizes the recovery of sidestream starch during the processing of potatoes for our suppliers. This generates more volume and increases profitability. At the same time we generate significant cost reduction for wastewater treatment and less wear and tear of production equipment. Novidon is constantly working in close cooperation with equipment suppliers to achieve these benefits. Novidon offers a total solution.
By innovation Novidon is maximizing added value of sidestream starch towards modification and high value end products.

Please contact our procurement team in case of any questions or interest in cooperating;
Jos Knulst - Procurement Manager Novidon
+31 (0)172 460 604


Novidon believes there is value in everything.
We offer you a total solution to maximize profitability and sustainability.