Reducing environmental impact, proven by Life Cycle Assessment

Side stream potato starch has a lower environmental impact than potato starch which is processed in a traditional way from the whole potato.
Working with Novidon will reduce the environmental impact of your business, as shown by a Life Cycle Assessment.
The full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Novidon is conducted by Blonk Consultants, an international and independent leader in the field of environment and sustainability.
The LCA proves that side stream potato starch has a lower carbon footprint than traditional potato starch. Less water and less land is needed to produce side stream potato starch.

If you are interested to receive a fact sheet of this LCA, please contact one of our team members ( - +31 (0)172 460 604).


Shared value

For Novidon sustainability is about maintaining a long-term business. This requires creating shared value; business value for our suppliers and customers and at the same time creating a positive impact on planet and people.

Water saving
Novidon is Europe’s largest purchaser of sidestream starch.
Sidestream starch recovery enables the potato industry to reuse their process water. This results in up to 50% water saving.

Circular Resource Use
By valorizing co-products of the potato industry, potatoes are optimally used and waste is avoided. In this way Novidon contributes to a circular agrifood system that respects the planetary boundaries.

Lower Carbon Footprint
Novidon’s products are based on co-products instead of potato starch which is processed in a traditional way from the whole potato; extracted and refined directly from the seeds, roots and tubers. This results, among others, in starch with a 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional starch.

EcoVadis Silver status

Novidon’s sustainability performance has been validated in accordance with the EcoVadis standard.
Novidon has been awarded with the EcoVadis Silver status for the second year in a row and ranks in the top 25% of highest rated companies in the business.
This proves that Novidon’s sustainability policy is performing according to international sustainability standards.

EcoVadis is an independent platform which assesses companies for their sustainable development and sustainability practices.
EcoVadis assesses some 30,000 business, based in 110 countries covering 150 different areas of activity.

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