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Novidon supports the first European Paper Bag Day on October 18th, an initiative from Europe’s leading kraft paper manufacturers’ and paper bags producers’ association. The annual action day aims to raise awareness among consumers about paper carrier bags as sustainable and efficient packaging of the future that contributes to fighting environmental pollution.

Paper bags are made from renewable raw materials and starch is common used in the production process. Novinexx CPB is a new innovative and sustainable potato starch based glue for multi-ply paper bags and sacks. Specially produced for the manufacturing of multiply paper bags and generating lots of benefits.

With Novinexx CPB, Novidon contributes to an even more sustainable and biodegradable paper bag. Novinexx CPB is made from sidestream potato starch which has a lower carbon footprint than traditional starch. Very sustainable and good for the environment.

<![CDATA[Supplier Symposium]]>/en/news/supplier-symposium/1494

Novidon took part at the Duynie Group’s supplier symposium October 10-11th in the Netherlands. This symposium for key suppliers was organized by Duynie Group to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company. The theme of the symposium was “sustainable innovations”.

<![CDATA[Starch World Europe 2018]]>/en/news/starch-world-europe-2018/1483

Novidon will be present at the 3rd StarchWorld Europe conference, October 9-10th in Strasbourg, France. All starch and derivatives players will come together to discuss the opportunities and trends in the European starch market and the challenges for the future.

Starch is an indispensable ingredient in many of the products consumers use every day from food to textiles to packaging. Current trends as clean label, and organic products have direct influence on the starch market and create opportunities.


<![CDATA[International Sales Days 2018]]>/en/news/international-sales-days-2018/1469

The annual Sales Days took place September 19th and 20th. The teams of sales, marketing and supply chain of the Netherlands and United Kingdom came together at the Novidon plant in Wrexham, United Kingdom. Two days of sessions about new business innovations, product releases, marketing communications strategy and customer relationship management.

A laboratory and factory tour gave insights in the quality system and production process of the Wrexham plant, which is producing wallpaper adhesives for all over the world.

Fantastic opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, experiences and to discuss market developments. Together we work hard to face the challenges of the global potato starch market and to build a good and strong relationship with our customer.  


<![CDATA[Area Sales Manager vacancy available]]>/en/news/area-sales-manager-vacancy-available/1447

Duynie Group, founder of Novidon, believes that there is a value in everything. A manufacturing process does not create waste, it creates opportunities.  For more than 50 years we have been dedicated to innovating processes that extract the value from side stream starch and translate it into new products, services and applications.  We are innovative and entrepreneurial with side stream potato starch.  Through these values Novidon has created a unique position in the world for our suppliers and customers for example in the industry of food, pet food, paper, glue and textile.  With our products we apply starch which is processed in a traditional way from the whole potato.  Each and every day we do our utmost to meet and exceed the expectations and solve the daily challenges of our customers.

<![CDATA[QA Manager Starch job vacancy]]>/en/news/qa-manager-starch-job-vacancy/1432

At Novidon Nijmegen Netherlands the position of QA Manager Starch is available. The QA Manager is responsible for raw material and product quality of current and new processes and is continue working towards a better quality. In this job you work together with procurement, sales, production and Novidon's laboratory.

<![CDATA[Launch new website]]>/en/news/launch-new-website/1416

We are proud that our brand-new website relaunched today! The new website is part of the new marketing communication strategy, which started with the introduction of a new company logo end 2017. The logo and the new website represents what Novidon stands for today in a rapidly changing global market. A new visual identity to emphasize our role of a specialized producer of modified potato starch derivatives for many different applications. 

<![CDATA[Kosher Certified]]>/en/news/kosher-certified/1406

Novidon is now also Kosher certified, following the FSSC 22000 and Halal certification. Native Potato Starch and therefore Food Native Premium and Food Native Regular are certified Kosher Parve.

Kosher Certificate

<![CDATA[Halal Certified]]>/en/news/halal-certified/1464

After the FSSC 22000 certification, Novidon is now also Halal certified. Food grade starch can now be produced according to the Islamic Rites and certified by the rules of Halal Correct Certification.

Halal Certificate

<![CDATA[EUROSAC congress 2018]]>/en/news/eurosac-congress-2018/1404

EUROSAC's annual congress gathers the main players of the paper sack industry for several days, combining informative work sessions and business networking. Novidon attended the congress in Malta from 24-26 May 2018, together with around 100 delegates, coming from paper sack industry.

Novidon gave a short presentation about its new product Novinexx CPB, a high performance adhesives for the manufacturing of multi-ply paper bags. This product will be launched end of 2018.